The Checotah congregation of the church of Christ welcomes you to our webpage. The banner at the top of this page should help you find out about the Lord’s church family here in Checotah.

Feel free to contact us at (918) 473-5931 with any additional questions you may have. Won’t you join us?

 em and cody

At the Church of Christ in Checotah we encourage families to grow close to each other as they grow closer to God.


Curtis’ Corner

June 17, 2018

Having faith can make a world of difference in how successfully you are able to rebound from life’s little surprises. If your faith is rooted firmly in your relationship with God, then the same event which might be a major set back for others could be a mere bump in the road for you. Where you go to church and what message you listen to makes a difference in how you take on adversity. Paul understood the value of correct teaching, which is why he told Titus, “But as for you, speak the things which are fitting for sound doctrine.” Titus 2:1. Titus was a minister whom Paul left in Crete to continue the work he started there. He urged Titus to weigh carefully the things he was teaching to the Christians on the island. Titus’ instruction needed to be in accordance with “sound doctrine.” The Greek word for sound is “hugiainō.” It was a medical term which meant “healthy, to be well.” There is healthy doctrine and there is unhealthy doctrine. The unhealthy doctrine can make you spiritually sick, whereas biblically accurate teaching can nourish you and give you strength to face life’s challenges. I know society is telling us today that doctrine doesn’t matter, but honestly in your experience do you not see the difference sound teaching can make? Have you not witnessed the effects of false doctrine on yourself or someone you love? You can eat bad food once or twice and still survive but a constant ingestion of the wrong things will eventually kill you. Here we strive to teach sound doctrine. “Speak the things which are fitting for sound doctrine.” How often and where you attend church will have a direct impact on how much spiritual strength you have to face life’s trials. Find a place where the truth is taught and attend every service and every class. Learn the truth. Apply the truth to your own life. Then teach others what is fitting for sound doctrine.

Curtis Hartshorn


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