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em and cody

At the Church of Christ in Checotah we encourage families to grow close to each other as they grow closer to God.


Curtis’ Corner

April 11, 2021

“He is truly happy, whatever may be his temporal condition, who
can call God his Father in the full assurance of faith and hope. And
amid all his trials, conflicts, and doubts, the feeblest Christian is
still comparatively happy; because cheered by the hope…that the
hour is coming when he shall be delivered from “this body of sin

and death” and in the vision of his Redeemer…and felicity of an-
gels. Not only does the Bible inculcate, with sanctions of the high-
est import, a system of the purest morality, but in the person and

character of our Blessed Saviour it exhibits a tangible illustration

of that system. In Him we have set before us—what, till the pub-
lication of the Gospel, the world had never seen—a model of

feeling and action, adapted to all times, places, and circumstances;
and combining so much of wisdom, benevolence, and holiness,
that none can fathom its sublimity; and yet, presented in a form so
simple, that even a child may be made to understand and taught to
love it.”
These words were written by Benjamin Franklin Butler who

was the United States Attorney General (1833-38) and the Secre-
tary of War (1836-37). Like many other early American states-
man, Mr. Butler was undeniably Christian in his views and una-
shamedly outspoken about his faith. He marveled at the beauty of

God’s Holy Word and admired and worshipped Jesus as Lord and
Savior. Lord because we need Him to guide us to this highest and
purist standard of morality and Savior because we fail so miserably
in our attempt to be like Him and require the redemption that
comes from his cleansing blood. Attorney General Butler also
correctly noted that Christians more than any other persons in the

world have reason to be happy. Regardless of your “temporal con-
dition” if you are in Christ you should be enjoying the benefits of

being in Christ. Your meaning and fulfillment is found only in

Curtis Hartshorn


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  1. So inspiring. Great illustration. Thank you.

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