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At the Church of Christ in Checotah we encourage families to grow close to each other as they grow closer to God.


Curtis’ Corner

September 12, 2021

There are lots of reasons why people come to church services. Loneliness can be a motivation. Family ties get some to come to church. A sense of duty, seeing attendance as something that must be done instead of a love prompted desire. Some attend out of fear of going to hell. Does it matter why we come to church? Isn’t the attendance itself the most important thing? The first time I started attending the Lord’s church, I was a single college student and went in the hopes of meeting girls. (Just being honest here.) That was my primary objective. I was not interested in learning about Jesus. I felt no obligation to worship a God I didn’t even believe existed. Girls. That was it. But I went and I subsequently heard messages that intrigued me. The messages all came from the Bible. I didn’t believe in the Bible but I found it’s teaching helpful in my life. The things I learned worked when I bothered to apply them. My life was changing and I liked the changes. It wasn’t all pleasant. The message exposed my sin and my conscience grew stronger. Things that used to not bother me started bothering me. I stopped doing the sins and began to despise the self-centered way I had been living. Over time I began reading the Bible on my own. The Bible itself revealed to me the God I had been denying for many years. The process was a rollercoaster of emotions; thrilling discoveries of ways to make my life better combined with tearful shame of the sins and the rebellious attitude that marked who I had become. God replaced my party friends with friends who worshipped God. I reached a point where it was time to make a clean break from my worldly ways. I believed.  I repented. I was baptized. So if you are here today for the wrong reasons, we’re just glad you’re here. Keep coming. Keep listening.

Curtis Hartshorn