Sermons [Recorded]

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Your Wedding Clothes 3/22/20 P.M.

Though He Gained the Whole World 3/22/20 A.M.

Pleasing Him 3/1/20 P.M.

Taking the City 2/23/20 P.M.

Jesus the Resurrection 2/23/20 A.M.

Jesus the I AM 2/16/20 A.M.

How to Be a Fool 2/9/20 A.M.

Jesus Alive and Active 2/2/20 P.M.

Beautiful Prayer, Beautiful Life 1/26/20 P.M.

Hindering the Gospel 1/26/20 A.M.

It’s Time to Seek the Lord 1/19/20 P.M.

Loyalty Rather than Sacrifice 1/19/20 A.M.

Goose Facts 1/12/20 A.M.

I Hate Being Wrong 12/29/19

Life of Christ 12/29/19

An Awesome God 12/22/19

Life of Christ 12/22/19

A Servant Heart (Part 2) 12/15/19 P.M.

A Servant Heart (Part 1) 12/15/19 A.M.

Love and Church Growth 12/8/19 P.M.

What Does Real Worship Look Like? 12/8/19 A.M.

How Authority Works in the Church 12/1/19 A.M.

Do As Jesus Did 11/24/19 P.M.

What Are Denominations? 11/24/19 A.M.

What the Church is Not 11/17/19 P.M.

Church Do You Get It? 11/17/19 A.M.

Let’s Bear Some Fruit 11/10/19 P.M.

Let’s Stay in the Vine 11/10/19 A.M.

Resolve to be Evangelistic 11/3/19 P.M.

Building Up the Body of Christ 11/3/19 A.M.

In His Image 10/27/19 P.M.

Abba Father 10/27/19 A.M.

Holy Habits from Hebrews 10/13/19 A.M.

That’s a Fact (Part 2) 10/6/19 P.M.

That’s a Fact 10/6/19 A.M.

The Glorious Church 9/22/19 A.M.

Cutting up the Meat 9/15/19 P.M.

Feasting on the Word 9/15/19 A.M.

Do Not Grow Weary in Doing Good 9/1/19 P.M.

You Can’t Hide from God 9/1/19 A.M.

Saved 8/25/19 P.M.

Born Again 8/25/19 A.M.

Redeemed 8/18/19 A.M.

Sanctified 8/11/19 P.M.

Justified 8/11/19 A.M.

Transformed 8/4/19 P.M.

Forgiven 8/4/19 A.M.

Hungry for Righteousness 7/28/19 P.M.

Mike Roberts 7/28/19 A.M.

Who Will Our Future Elders Be? 7/21/19 P.M.

Can I Be an Elder? 7/21/19 A.M.

Listen to Him (Bob Whiddon) 7/14/19 P.M.

Deacons, Lead By Example 7/14/19 A.M.

Forgiving Yourself 6/30/19 P.M.

Forgiveness 6/30/19 A.M.

Ask and It Shall Be Given to You 6/23/19 P.M.

Christian Apologetics 6/23/19 A.M.

Why Integrity Matters to the Body 6/16/19 P.M.

At the Heart of Evolution 6/16/19 A.M.

Bob Turner’s Sermon 5/26/19 P.M.

Pride 5/26/19 A.M.

Practical Steps to Understanding Difficult Passages 5/19/19 P.M.

Translations 5/19/19 A.M.

A True Disciples Heart 5/12/19 P.M.

How Do We Know We Have the Full Inspired Word of God? 5/12/19 A.M.

Plucked from Wickedness 4/28/19 P.M.

Assembling the New Testament 4/28/19 A.M.

Assembling the Old Testament 4/21/19 P.M.

Miraculous Gifts of the Holy Spirit 4/14/19 A.M.

Participating in the Gospel 4/7/19 P.M.

Taking the Supper as Christ Intended 4/7/19 A.M.

Ready for War 3/31/19 P.M.

Like Newborn Babies 3/31/19 A.M.

Here is Your God 3/24/19 P.M.

Idolatry 3/24/19 A.M.

Gospel Meeting with Tim Lewis: What Makes the church of Christ Different? (Lesson 6) 3/20/19

Gospel Meeting with Tim Lewis: Is Baptism Necessary? (Lesson 5) 3/19/19

Gospel Meeting with Tim Lewis: What is the Gospel? (Lesson 4) 3/18/19

Gospel Meeting with Tim Lewis: Can I Know That I’m Saved? (Lesson 3) 3/17/19 P.M.

Gospel Meeting with Tim Lewis: Was the Cross Worth it? (Lesson 2) 3/17/19 A.M.

Gospel Meeting with Tim Lewis: What if I Die in my Sin? (Lesson 1) 3/17/19 class 

Faithful Through Failure 2/24/19 A.M.

How Does Satan Attack Our Faith? 2/17/19 P.M.

How Do I Reach Mature Faith? 2/17/19 A.M.

Can I Reach Mature Faith? 2/10/19 P.M.

Up Again Down Again Faith 2/3/19 P.M.

Mike Mazzalongo 2/3/19 A.M.

How to Solidify My Faith  (Part 10) 1/20/19 P.M.

Job and the Practical Struggles (Part 9) 1/20/19 A.M.

Walking in the Light 1/13/19 P.M.

The Struggles of Searching Faith (Part 7) 1/6/19 P.M.

How Do I Acquire Searching Faith (Part 6) 1/6/19 A.M.

Recognizing Affiliating Faith (Part 5) 12/30/18

How Do I Graduate from Imitating Faith? (Part 4) 12/23/18 P.M.

The Different Levels of Faith (Part 3) 12/23/18 A.M.

What is Faith? (Part 2) 12/16/18 P.M.

Why Develop My Faith? (Part 1) 12/16/18 A.M.

Defeating the Gnostics 12/9/2018 P.M.

Can I Be Sure? 12/9/2018 A.M.

The Generation After Us 12/2/2018 P.M.

He Thinks of Everything 12/2/2018 A.M.

Joy 11/25/2018

We Need the Church 11/18/2018 P.M.

Envy 11/18/2018 A.M.

Making Time for the Important Things 11/11/2018

Amalgamating the Church 10/7/2018 P.M.

The Unity Endeavor 10/7/2018 A.M.

Proverbs, Be Smart About Who You Marry 9/30/2018 P.M.

Proverbs, Be Smart About Seeking Advice 9/30/2018 A.M.

Separate from the World 7/8/2018 P.M.

Mark of the Beast, The Lamb 7/8/2018 A.M.

Honey I Shrunk the Church 7/1/2018 P.M.

It Works 7/1/2018 A.M.

Treasure 5-Generosity 6/17/2018 P.M.

That’s a Little Hard to Believe 6/17/2018 A.M.

Treasure 4-Mercy 6/10/2018 A.M.

Treasure 3-Humility 6/3/2018 P.M.

Treasure 1- Dedication 5/27/2018 A.M.

Not Above His Teacher 5/20/2018 P.M.

Sheep Among Wolves 5/20/2018 A.M.

What Do You Think 5/13/2018 P.M.

God Works through Mothers 5/13/2018 A.M.

Must I Go To Church 5/6/2018 A.M.

What About the Rapture 4/29/2018 P.M.

Jesus is Coming Soon 4/29/2018 A.M.

Word of God or Traditions of Men 4/22/2018 A.M.

How To Train Your Apostle Part 2 4/15/18 P.M.

How To Train Your Apostle Part 1 4/15/18 A.M.

The Second Touch 4/8/18 P.M.

Religion Won’t Save You 4/8/18 A.M.

Rejoice in the Lord 4/1/18 P.M.

Knowing Christ Jesus My Lord 4/1/18 A.M.

Is It God’s Will? 3/28/18

Gospel Meeting with Nathan Diller: Suffering Disproves God (Lesson 6) 3/21/18

Gospel Meeting with Nathan Diller: Science Has Defeated Christianity (Lesson 5) 3/20/18

Gospel Meeting with Nathan Diller: God Cannot Love and Judge (Lesson 4) 3/19/18

Gospel Meeting with Nathan Diller: Christianity is Oppressive (Lesson 3)  3/18/18 P.M.

Gospel Meeting with Nathan Diller: Absolute Truth Does Not Exist (Lesson 2) 3/18/18 A.M.

Gospel Meeting with Nathan Diller: Where We Are and How We Got Here (Lesson 1) 3/18/18 A.M. Class

Lord of the Harvest 3/11/18

The Time Has Come (Part 2) P.M.

The Time Has Come (Part 1) A.M.

In Christ Alone 2/18/2018 P.M.

If the Son Makes You Free (#11) 2/18/2018 A.M.

Slaves to Sin (#10) 2/11/18

On Sin Leads to Another (#9) 2/4/18 P.M.

Create in Me a Clean Heart (#8) 2/4/18 A.M.

It’s All About Me (# 7) 1/28/18 P.M.

Putting Your Sins Behind You (# 6) 1/21/18 P.M.

Christian Ethics (# 5)  1/21/18 A.M.

You’re Not Fooling God (# 4) 1/14/18 P.M.

The Root Cause of Sin (# 3) 1/14/18 A.M.

Wish I Hadn’t Done That (# 2) 1/7/18 P.M.

The SIN Heard Round the World (# 1) 1/7/18 A.M.

Pleasing Him 12/31/17 P.M.

Hungry for God 12/31/17 A.M.

Speaking the Truth in Love 12/24/17

Holy Holy Holy 12/17/17 P.M.

Worth the Price 12/17/17 A.M.

Prayer as Worship 12/10/17 P.M.

Singing as Worship 12/10/17 A.M.

The Sermon as Worship Part 2 12/3/17 P.M.

The Sermon as Worship Part 1 12/3/17 A.M.

The Offering as Worship Part 2 11/26/17 P.M.

The Offering as Worship Part 1 11/26/17 A.M.

The Lord’s Supper as Worship 11/18/17

The Role of Preachers 11/12/17 P.M.

The Leadership Ministers Provide 11/12/17 A.M.

No Other God Before Me 11/5/17 P.M.

Picking the Parts I Like 11/5/17 A.M.

The Leadership Deacons Provide Part 2 10/22/17 P.M.

The Leadership Deacons Provide Part 1 10/22/17 A.M.

In His Image 10/15/17 A.M.

Equipping the Saints 10/8/17  P.M.

He Desires a Noble Task 10/1/17 P.M.

People Are Not Your Problem 10/1/17 A.M.

Worship, A Lifetime Commitment  9/24/17 A.M.

Accepting the Responsibility 9/17/17 P.M.

Temper Temper 9/17/17 A.M.

10 Things That Stop Church Growth 9/13/17 P.M.

Heaven on Earth 9/10/17 A.M.

A Key and A Chain 9/3/17 P.M.

Come Out of Her My People 9/3/17 A.M.

Gain the Whole World 8/27/17 A.M.

Armageddon 8/20/17 P.M.

Follow the Lamb 8/20/17 A.M.

Satan vs The Church 8/13/17 P.M.

Can I Get a Witness 8/13/17 A.M.

Secure in Christ 8/6/17 P.M.

I’m Warning You 7/30/17 P.M.

The Way It All Unfolds 7/30/17 A.M.

The Kingdom Founder 7/23/17 P.M.

Kingdom Priorities 7/23/17 A.M.

Standing Before His Throne 7/16/17 P.M.

To the Perfect Church 7/16/17 A.M.

Growth Regardless 7/9/17 P.M.

The Parable of the Sower 7/9/17 A.M.

Being a Dad and Doing it Right 6/18/17 P.M.

The Fathers Children 6/18/17 A.M.

God the Provider 6/11/17 P.M.

John, A Trailblazer with a Message 6/11/17 A.M.

Nehemiah, A Trailblazer of Action 6/4/17 P.M.

Nehemiah, A Trailblazer of Action 6/4/17 A.M.

Chaise Noah’s Sermon 5/21/17 P.M.

Daniel, A Trailblazer of Purity 5/21/17 A.M.


A Cappella Singing Pt. 2 P.M.   4/30/17

A Cappella Singing Pt. 1 A.M.    4/30/17


Chaise Noah Sermon 4/23/17 A.M.

Kept from Recognizing Him 4/16/17 P.M.

Like No Other Day 4/16/17 A.M.

Baptism Now Saves You Part 2 4/9/17 P.M.

Baptism Now Saves You Part 1 4/9/17 A.M.

What Are You Sowing 4/2/17 P.M.

Where is the Lord 4/2/17 A.M.

Elders, Deacons, Ministers 3/26/17 P.M.

Nathan Diller’s Sermon 3/26/17 A.M.


Thanks Be to God 3/19/17 P.M.

The Ways of a Champion 3/19/17 A.M.

Gospel Meeting Lesson 6: The Glorification of Self 3/15/17

Gospel Meeting Lesson 5: The Myth of Evolution 3/14/17

Gospel Meeting Lesson 4: The Focus on Material Things 3/13/17

Gospel Meeting Lesson 3: The Rise of Sexual Immorality 3/12/17 P.M.

Gospel Meeting Lesson 2: The Assault on Marriage 3/12/17 A.M. Sermon


Gospel Meeting Lesson 1: Lack of Biblical Knowledge 3/12/17 A.M. Class

Seekers 3/5/17


Appointed to Know His Will 2/26/17

Food You Know Nothing About 2/19/17 P.M.


Effectively Sharing Your Faith 2/19/17 A.M.

Transforming the Unsaved to Saved 2/12/17 P.M.

Gotta Tell Somebody 2/12/17 A.M.

I’d Rather Be Fishing for Men 2/5/17 A.M.


He Who is Wise Wins Souls 1/29/17 P.M.

The Mission of Making Disciples 1/29/17 A.M.

I Know He is There 1/22/17 P.M.

A World Intelligently Designed 1/22/17 A.M.


The Corinth Conflict 1/15/17 P.M.


The Way God Guides Us 1/15/17 A.M.

Praying Like the First Century Church 1/8/17 P.M.


Are Your Prayers Getting Through? 1/8/17 A.M.

Faithful During Hard Times 1/1/17 P.M.

What Does the Lord Require 1/1/17 A.M.


Luke 2, Jesus from a Gentiles Perspective 12/25/16 P.M.

Luke 1, Jesus from a Gentiles Perspective 12/25/16 A.M.


The Silent Service of Celestial Spirits (Part 1)   12/18/16 A.M.

A Clear Path to Truth 12/11/16 P.M.

Beyond What is Written 12/11/16 A.M.


What is Disfellowshipping? 12/4/16 P.M.

Discipline in the Church 12/4/16 A.M.

Quinton Decker’s Update on the Work of the EOSC Bible Chair 11/27/16 P.M.


The Church of the Redeemed 11/27/16 A.M. 

Spirit of Love 11/20/16 P.M.

Spirit of Compassion 11/20/16 A.M.


Spirit of Patience 11/13/16

Spirit of Loyalty 11/06/16


Spirit of Humility 11/06/16

Spirit of Obedience 10/23/16 P.M.

Spirit of Zeal 10/30/16

Spirit of Unity 10/23/16 A.M.