Chapter 10


10:1-10 After Jesus had the disciples praying for workers in 9:38, He sent them out in 10:5. They were the answer to their own prayer. He gave them authority to do miracles for the purpose of confirming God’s message, Mark 16:20. The four apostles marked with * in the illustration below are mentioned only in these lists of the apostles names.

Matthew 10:2-4 Mark 3:16-19 Luke 6:14-16 Acts 1:13
Simon Peter Simon Peter Simon Peter Peter
Andrew James Andrew John
James John James James
John Andrew John Andrew
Philip Philip Philip Philip
*Bartholomew Bartholomew Bartholomew Thomas
Thomas Matthew Matthew Bartholomew
Matthew Thomas Thomas Matthew
*James Alphaeus James Alphaeus James Alphaeus James Alphaeus
*Thaddeus Thaddeus Simon Zealot Simon Zealot
*Simon Zealot Simon Zealot Judas of James Judas of James
Judas Iscariot Judas Iscariot Judas Iscariot Matthias (1:26)

Jesus’ instructions, beginning in v. 5, mark the start of our 2nd major speech section. The initial outreach was to the Jews. Gentiles would come later (Acts 1:8; Rom 1:16).
10:11-16 If we are to be effective in our evangelism, we must search for and work primarily with the most open people. If the one you are working with is not open to following God, search for another. Leave the final judgment to God. Seek a balance between shrewdness and innocence.
10:17-23 Jesus knew that all who followed in His path would suffer persecution. He also reassured them that the Holy Spirit would guide them in what they needed to say and how it needed to be said. Communication is not just the words we say but more how we say it. From one town to the next we are to preach the gospel, standing firm in the truth. Moving from one individual to the next we are to share with as many as we can before Jesus returns.
10:24-31 If your Master could not teach the truth without being persecuted, neither can you. Expect it. The plus side is you get to be like Jesus, your Teacher. Do not let your fear of men keep you from boldly proclaiming the truth. All that you do and all that they do will be disclosed in the end. Rather fear God. The worst they can do is kill your body. If you deny Christ you will forfeit your soul. If God shows concern for common sparrows, how much more is He concerned about you?
10:32-39 Many disciples realize they cannot share their faith and still be popular so they choose not to share their faith. That’s fine if you do not mind Jesus disowning you before the Father (7:23). What is more important, your earthly relationships or your relationship with Jesus? If you place more value on your earthly relationships than you place on Christ, you are not worthy of Christ. Honor and seek to please God and let the other relationships find their proper place. “But if I lose all my friends I won’t have a life.” Lose your life and you will find what real living is all about.
10:40-42 Those who receive our message are also receiving Jesus and the Father. No good deed goes unrewarded and no wrongdoing goes unpunished. Nothing escapes God’s attention.


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