Chapter 16


16:1-4 The Pharisees were always wanting miraculous signs (12:38). They asked the same question. They got the same answer. If they wouldn’t believe in Jesus after He rose from the dead, they wouldn’t believe His other miracles either.
16:5-12 Jesus fed multitudes twice with next to nothing and the disciples still thought they were in trouble for not bringing enough food. Once again they were focused on the physical when He was trying to teach them about the spiritual. The false doctrines of the Pharisees could spread like yeast and they needed to beware just as we do today. Notice Jesus’ clever use of questions in this passage. In the account in Mark 8:14-21, Jesus asks 8 questions in a row.
16:13-20 Caesarea Philippi was in the extreme north of Palestine. Jesus wanted privacy with His apostles. It was time for them to know exactly who He was. By divine revelation Peter was given the correct answer. Some interpret Jesus’ reply in v. 18 as teaching that He was building His church on Peter. The rock Jesus is talking about is the one they have been discussing. They been discussing who Jesus is, not who Peter is. The word Peter [petros] means rock, but the word Jesus used here is petra, a big rock. Considering Peter’ instability, it would not make sense to build the church on him. Jesus is the cornerstone on which the church is built (Eph 2:20). Peter was instrumental in getting the church started, but no more so than the other apostles.
16:21-23 Jesus knew in detail how and when He would die, further proof of His messianic fulfillment. Peter blows it here by rebuking Jesus for talking about His death. (And just when he was doing so well.) Jesus calls him Satan, recognizing Satan’s message behind Peter’s words. When we think like mere men we are a detriment to Jesus. Keep in mind the things of God.
16:24-28 If you gain the whole world, but lose your soul in the process, what have you gained? Lose your life in Christ and you will find out what real living is all about. These listeners were assured that within there life time they would be blessed to see the kingdom established, and they did see it in Acts 2.


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