Chapter 7


7:1-6 Just as Jesus linked receiving mercy to the way we give it (5:7) and receiving forgiveness to the way we forgive (6:15), we are also judged the way we judge. As Christians we have to make judgments on a daily basis, but we should not subscribe righteous standards to others, that we are not willing to follow ourselves. We first must clean up our own backyards before assisting others. Verse 6 warns us about assisting those who do not deserve the pearls of God’s guidance.
7:7-12 Jesus assures us that the Father will be found by honest seekers. Just as an earthly father knows how to give good gifts to his children, so our heavenly Father knows how to give us what we need, but not necessarily everything we want. Jesus summarizes in verse 12 with a point He has been making from the beginning of His sermon; one which we call the Golden Rule.
7:13-14 Only two roads. One is narrow and difficult with only a few people on it, but it leads to life. The other is broad, easy and well populated, but it leads to hell. You decide.
7:15-20 A false religious teacher comes in sheep’s clothing, looking like a Christian. We are warned repeatedly to avoid false teaching and false teachers (Acts 20:29; 1Tim 1:7; 4:1-8; 2Pet 3:16-17; 2Cor 11:13-14; 2Pet 2:1-3; Rom 16:17-18).
7:21-23 Merely claiming Jesus is your Lord does not mean you are going to heaven. Obedient faith and an authentic relationship with Jesus will ensure you won’t have to hear the words on judgment day that these people heard.
7:24-29 The wise builder hears the words of Jesus and immediately acts upon them. The builder who does not act upon what he learns from Jesus is a fool. A storm is promised that will test our foundation, to see if we have built wisely. Based on the context, that storm must be Judgment Day. Unlike the teachers they were used to, Jesus spoke like a preacher; not a politician.


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