Chapter 9


9:1-8 Jesus returned to his own town of Nazareth. There a paralyzed man was fortunate enough to have loving friends. Jesus healed him because He was impressed with the faith of his friends. The scribes had a problem with Jesus claiming He could forgive sins. It was easier to claim to forgive sins than to heal because it was impossible to deny a healing. Therefore, Jesus healed him physically showing His authority to heal spiritually. This healing was not dependent on the faith of the heal-ee as pseudo-faith healers of today claim it must be.
9:9-13 Matthew documented his own calling to Christ. Tax collectors were despised because they collected taxes from their own people to give to the Roman government. Jesus associated with the low-life of society. When confronted by the Pharisees about it, he explained these people needed spiritual healing.
9:14-17 Fasting is a somber experience of reflection, penitence and introspection. Jesus did not say His disciples would not be fasting, only that this was not the right time for it. It was not going to work to try to pour the new wine of Christianity into the old wine skin of Judaism. Everyone needed to start fresh with Christ and renounce the old ways.
9:18-26 For the ruler of a synagogue to worship at Jesus’ feet was taking a great risk with his career. His daughter was dead and He knew Jesus was the only hope of getting her back. This miracle was interrupted by another. Unawares to Jesus, a woman touched His clothes and was healed of a 12 year bleeding condition. Then at the synagogue ruler’s house Jesus was laughed at for suggesting that this girl was merely asleep and could be awakened.
9:27-34 We are in one of the 8 major healing sections. Again, Jesus was able to heal anyone anytime. Jesus WARNED those healed of blindness not to tell, but they disobeyed. Jesus did this at times if He did not want news about Him to spread too quickly or if the teller could do more harm than good with misinformation.
9:35-38 The kingdom is always short on workers. Keep praying for more. We should also have the compassion Christ had for the lost.


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